Thank You to Everyone who joined Ride For Smiles by Riding, Watching and Donating.

Together We Win

One pedal at a time.

The Esteban Chaves Foundation (FUN)
and the Dan Marino Foundation (DMF)

The Esteban Chaves Foundation (FUN) and the Dan Marino Foundation (DMF) are partnering to host a live cycling event, “Ride for Smiles,” on ZWIFT.  This event brings together two organizations who share a passion in helping children overcome physical and developmental disabilities.  FUN and DMF invite you to join us on this adventure, as we work toward the shared goal of providing support for the children and teens to live happy, productive, and meaningful lives.

I dream really big. I say I want to change the world, which is big, but why not?

During my life many people helped me and my family. And I arrived at this happiness and success. I want other people in the world to feel that as well. Especially the kids. So if me, my family, an organization can provide that to kids in the world, it will be awesome because they will grow up and they will feel this happiness and success that they have, and that makes a better world.

You can do more,
you can always do more.

American football and
international cycling may not have much in common. But Esteban and I share the love of our sports, appreciate what we have and through our Foundations, FUN and DMF, understand the importance of giving back. No part of our society is more important than the children, and the donations from Ride for Smiles will help change the lives of children that need it most.

Make Dreams Happen




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